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Luckyard Farm allows shooting all year round to the guests. Like all of our activities here on the farm, we do not charge you extra for clay or rough shooting. The only charge is for the consumables that you use like the clay targets, cartridges and of course game in season . We have an electric clay trap along with a number of manual traps, this means that it is easy to set up an interesting and challenging clay shoot that is suitable for all levels of experience. We have boxes of clay targets and 12 bore cartridges in stock. Each of the holiday homes has an approved gun safe to store your guns. Vermin and rough shooting is available all year round and game shooting is available in season. Pheasants and Partridges are charged at £10 each. 



A natural spring feeds Luckyard Farm's large pond. We keep it well stocked with trout that weigh on average between one and two pounds, there are also some carp in the pond. The pond is located in a very quiet and secluded part of the farm, so it's quite easy to fall asleep there on a summers afternoon, if it were not for the fish biting ! Guests can fish all year round and if you use barbless hooks and return the fish, there is no extra cost! If you wish to keep your fish, there is a charge of £6 for each one that you do. Barbecued trout is very popular...


Pony Rides

 Pony riding is available for the little ones, we offer short walks or they can spend hours on end brushing and grooming our little pony Danny. A litte ones dream...

Helping out on the Farm

There are many activities to join in with on the Farm, whether it is helping check the livestock every day, feed the tame lambs and calves (seasonal), feed the chickens and collect the eggs, feeding the Turkeys (seasonal), feeding the pig with any leftover vegetables that you may have, helping Adrian with routine sheep and cattle work or even helping out with any farm maintenance.

Local Attractions, Shops, Pubs and Restaurants


"Wivey" as the locals call it, is a lovely small town that has pubs, a garage, Post Office and a supermarket that has a cash point, along with a Chinese take away ! However the real reason for mentioning "Wivey" is the gun shop. You will find no better gun shop in England than this one, Quality Guns, Clothing & Accessories along with 1st class advice....


West Country Guns

West Country Guns is run by Haggis and Sue Hartman. I am very fortunate to know some two good shots, but I know of only one person who has represented his Country many times and returned home with no fewer than FOUR GOLD MEDALS, and this is Haggis !

This gun shop is highly recommended, easy to get to from Luckyard Farm, a must visit

 West Country Guns, 9 The Square, Wiveliscombe, Somerset, TA24 2JT

Telephone Number 01984-623829

Please visit their Web Site, simply click on the link below



The Garage at Wheddon Cross

Tel 01643-841221





These Superstores also provide a delivery service to Luckyard Farm.

Please go direct to their websites for shopping.

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